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This Beats Google Adwords Hands Down!

"It's like affordable search engine marketing (SEM) and pay per click (PPC) advertising rolled into one..."

Local Search Engine Marketing

My Best Search Engine Marketing Alternative, "Universal Recommendation Pages," (URP) like pay per click advertising, drives traffic to your website from 100's of keywords and geo targeting. But unlike pay per click advertising, you don't pay per click... just a flat monthly rate no matter how much website traffic you get!

So What Does My Best Search Engine Marketing Alternative, "Universal Recommendation Pages" Mean For You?

Answer: Total Control Over Your Passive Google Visibility - and Your Sales without expensive pay-per-click advertising.

Use This Google AdWords Alternative For Any Business You Want To Promote Online and Generate MASSIVE FREE Daily Website Visitors.

Generate 1,000's of Optimized URP Webpages, Anytime - Directly off Your Existing Webiste

Example Results For You:

Say You Have a 100-page Website (or 100 URP pages promoting anything you want).

Each Page Gets an Average 5 Visitors per Month from Search Engine Searches (Google/Yahoo/MSN, etc.)

That's 500 visitors monthly from regular organic (free) ranking.

From those 500 monthly visitors, say you make 5 sales/month at $100 profit per sale.

Therefore your Website Produces an Average of $500 monthly (not enough to live on).

Well... What If I Can Rapidly EXPAND the Number of Webpages You Have?

And What if Each Webpage is Uniquely Keyword-Optimized to Catch More of the Searching Traffic?

Then You Will at Least Double Your Sales (all else being equal).

And THAT is the WHOLE POINT of my Universal Recommendation Pages:

Multiplying the Size of Your Website, to Multiply the Effective Reach into the Searching Market, and Therefore Multiply Your Sales by a Factor of 10, 20, 250, or 1,000 - or More! For Each Business You Want to Promote Online!

Free Keyword Research

The Better Small Business Search
Engine Marketing Alternative

For many, when they think search engine marketing and advertising, Google Adwords comes to mind. While Google Adwords is a leading pay-per-click advertising network, they are also a costly one. Even with expert keyword research and SEO, it's not uncommon to spend more for your pay per click advertising campaign than you actually make in profit.

For a business on a budget, the sky-rocketing cost of pay per click advertising is reason enough to look for alternatives. Thankfully, the best search engine marketing alternative does exist for small business and it outperforms any pay per click advertising in terms of return on investment (ROI) though the power of longtail keywords and geo-targeting.

Why Businesses Seek My Search Engine Marketing Alternative

1. Your business doesn't get enough website traffic.
2. Pay per click costs are getting too expensive.
3. The amount you pay per click is more than the profit per visitor you get.
4. Your website doesn’t rank high in search results and it's hurting business.

Get front page Google placement and targeted website traffic from longtail keywords people type into Google every day in any city and never pay per click!

Universal Recommendation Pages is the best search engine marketing alternative for getting visitors to your business website...

Now you're driving upfront traffic, which leads to upfront sales and inquiries.

Universal Recommendation Pages are extremely powerful and a valuable addition to your overall online marketing strategy.

My search engine marketing alternative is a huge time and money saver over PPC!

get more organic website traffic

How The Best Small Business Search
Engine Marketing Alternative Works

Being a search engine marketing specialists, I add thousands of Universal Recommendation Pages (URP) to your exisiting website, which will then rank on Google for 1,000's of specific, high quality longtail keywords that people type into Google every day, to find whatever product or service you offer, no matter what business you're in.

I Create the Thousands of Webpages You Actually Need To MEET GREAT TRAFFIC and DRIVE YOUR SALES for Free...

... for the Lifetime of Your Offers!

I Get You Massive, Ongoing, Free Traffic directly from Google for Website or You Want.

It's affordable SEM and PPC for small business, rolled into one.

Nearly all consumers (97 percent) now use search engines when researching products or services... and when these people search Google, many will see the URP pages I create as a sub-folder on the backside of your business website.

When people click any of those URP pages, they redirect them over to your website.

That's targeted, high quality traffic!

URP pages present your business as the top recommendation for exactly what people are searching for online. And these aren't generic search engine searches either... These are the 1,000's of specific keywords that most businesses have to pay per click for, using a PPC network such as Google Adwords, or Bing Ads.

The result is that these referrals are serious about finding something (they are ready to buy now), and my URP pages redirect them to your website. Therefore my URP pages have a high sales conversion ratio: not 2%, which is typical for generic keyword searches - instead, expect to convert 10% to 40% of my referrals.

Sending your business 100 referrals has a high probability of producing from 10 to 40 sales... which means new customers and a new and growing profit stream for you.

The Small Business Search Engine Marketing Alternative Works For Anyone In Any Industry:

clickbank affiliates dentists lawyers homeopaths bowen therapists
roofing contractors landscapers plumbers financial advisors general contractors
loan specialists acupuncturists massage therapists wedding photographers birthday parties/clowns
function catering gourmet restaurants travel agencies website designers seo specialists
doctors insurance agents real estate agents home decorators inspirational speakers
MLM programs tutors/coaches insurance leads mentors/gurus annuity lead harvesters

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geographical targeting

100%Geographical Targeting

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Geographically Targeted,
Longtail Keyword Website Traffic

website traffic graph

This is about quality of traffic, not quantity. This is buyer traffic. Steady. Consistent.

All website traffic is not created equal and the overall "hits" you're getting is the wrong number to be looking at. That's a term that went out with the dinosaurs. Even a search engine bot can create a "hit".

Just because a visitor “comes to your site” doesn’t mean they are a targeted website visitor looking for "exactly" what you have to offer..

There is “Traffic” and there is “TARGETED Traffic”. Do you know if your visitors are TARGETED already?

It's no secret that the best, most highly targeted traffic comes from search engines like Google. Why do you think there's so much out there about SEM and Paid Search (PPC)?

Would you like advertising that brings you
more traffic, more sales and more money?

Would you like it despite your personal advertising abilities, the time you have to invest in your business, or the amount of competition you're up against?

Would you like to almost magically manifest it?

If so...Universal Recommendation Pages are perfect for bringing real traffic to your site...

Those customers you’re looking for,
are looking for you — on Google.

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Geographical Targeting

100%Geographical Targeting

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Get Started With My Best Search Engine Marketing Alternative For Small Business

"I start off by creating 2,500 URP pages that are each search engine optimized for front page placement on 2-9 high quality buyer longtail keywords each. This is the equivalent of bidding on at least 5,000 keywords, but instead, showing up for the 'organic, free' results (no costly pay per click ads).

Each additional month, I will add 1,000 more URP pages to your website, so you control more real estate on each front page. Collectively, this means showing up multiple times on each front page, across literally 1,000's of longtail keywords that all relate to your business."

-Frank Jones

We get our list of longtail keywords directly from Google, so your URP pages will collectively rank on the front page for buyer keywords. Low competition longtail keywords that get good passive search traffic and work great!

Note that any one of these keywords alone might only get 1-3 visitors/month, since they're each high-conversion keywords...

But with 2,500 webpages in play (circa 5,000 keywords), and 1,000 more webpages added each month to control more front page real-estate per keyword: That adds up to capturing 1,000's of website visitors/month within the first 3-4 months, who are looking for what you offer and are ready to buy now!

Creating thousands of unique, longtail keyword optimized webpages with geo targeting is EXACTLY how you compete on a large scale. It's exactly how you drive more organic traffic (which is the best) by covering ALL longtail keywords you think you can realistically rank for. It's like combining SEO, SEM and PPC and then multiplying it by a factor of 100, because the density is so great.

Take a moment to realize that this is the LEAST work for the MOST powerful webpages you can get: 2,500 whitehat, Google-friendly, highly-optimized referral webpages pitching whatever you want, all tied together neatly with a powerful sitemap and page hierarchy structure -- done for you -- every month.

Affordable for every sized company

Normally, just the comprehensive keywords research I do for these projects alone would have to cost you $249. And that's before you even pay for creating 2,500 URP webpages for front page results PER keyword (massive sales potential).

For this project, I already am offering a generous discount to help stimulate small businesses... no need for you to pay extra; I already have you covered.

The monthly fee is just $49: this is necessary to cover the time for creating 1,000 new webpages I add monthly to your project, the visitor tracking, the image generation and placement on those 1,000's of webpages, the redirect links to send your referrals to the website you want them to land on, and the consistent monitoring of your traffic.

There is a one-time setup fee of $399 (just for the first month).

There are no contracts or obligations. This simply runs month-to-month.

Many of my customers have gotten so many referrals from my search engine marketing alternative that converted into sales, they can't accommodate more traffic - so stop when you want, and restart when you need.

Want New Customers and More Sales?

boost website traffic

I supply 1,000 new webpages each month so you can have multiple front page listings for literally 1,000's of keywords you want and need.

The average pay per click advertising network only allows you one listing per page (and you have to pay per click). But I provide opportunity for MULTIPLE front page listings, and every click is free to you.

The Best Search Engine Marketing Alternative:
3 Things Sweeten This Deal

1. You will get access to the sitemaps I generate for your project, so you can review them, and also track Google's indexing of those pages in real-time.

2. Your monthly payments aren't just for maintenance... they're for GROWTH. Every month you pay, I add ANOTHER 1,000 pages to your stack (which can double the traffic/sales you get on just the first month alone)! So if your first 2,500 webpages gets you to 50 sales/month by the third month, think of what 5,000 webpages can bring, later!

Month Cost Total Pages*
1 $399 2,5000
2 $49 3,500
3 $49 4,500
4 $49 5,500
5 $49 6,500
6 $49 7,500
7 $49 8,500
8 $49 9,500
9 $49 10,500
10 $49 11,500
11 $49 12,500
12 $49 13,500
sweet deal

You can't go wrong with the best
search engine marketing alternative

* Note: As may you already know, it can take 2-4 weeks for Google to index each batch of pages... only Google controls indexing speed. Once 12 months have gone by, I simply cycle back through, adding a fresh 1,000 pages (adding new keyword combinations this time).

Every page I create targets 2-9 keywords each, to maximize your exposure on Google, and therefore your traffic. The more pages I create, the more highly-targeted visitors you get monthly. More Visitors/month = More Sales/month!

3. You never pay more than $49/month, regardless of the number of referrals and sales I get you: if you get 107 or 3,126 referrals in a single month, you only pay $49. If you get 300 leads in a single month that convert to 50 paying clients, the cost to acquire each of those 50 completed sales is just around $.98 ($.98 cents per sale!)

GET STARTED NOW: (pay with PayPal or a major Credit Card)

Note: Be sure to click the "Return To Merchant" link after payment to be redirected back to our website. If you have any questions before purchase, email me.

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Geographical Targeting

100%Geographical Targeting

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

What comes next after purchase?

After you complete the checkout process though PayPal, please be sure to click the, "return to merchant" link to be redirected back to my website. There, you'll complete a very short submission form telling me the exact website URL you want me to send your referrals to. This can be any page from your website (your main website page, lead capture page, or any specific URL at all. I will direct everyone to that page.

When will you have my package completed and online?

I will finish your project within 3 business days (often times sooner). I will send the links to your project files, so you can see when Google indexes your pages - traffic can start now! With each payment you make, I'll expand your project to canvas more front page real estate, so you can get dramatically more sales/month. Time to Go Live: It will take me about 3 business days (often times much less) to complete your project, and 1-3 weeks for Google to index (Google does this on its own time). The traffic will kick in as Google indexes the new project, and that traffic will be redirected to your website, so your new sales can start happening. Expect your future payments to always come out of your profits from the high quality referrals we direct to your website. As long as you can convert just a few of the high quality referrals I send you, you will always be paying for each next month strictly out of profits. The only out-of-pocket payment you really need to make is the understandable cost of launching your project in the first place... after that, your profits can override the costs!

*** Do I supply my own longtail keywords and geo-targets?

You can if you have some, but by default, I do the keyword reseach. For this project we can use up to 100 (10 minimum) keywords (longtail). You can use up to 100 geo-targets (1 minimum) and can also supply one image. After purchase, you'll be able to submit all that information to me. Questions? Email Me

When will I be billed?

Payments: A "month" is defined by the subscription period of 30 days from the date of each payment made above (you may cancel your subscription anytime).

How will I know you completed the service each month?

Proof of Page Creation: I will give you access to the sitemaps when the project goes live, each and every month, so that you can see the pages and watch for them to index.

Do you have a guarantee or refund policy?

The only way to immediately jump on the first page of Google is to do pay-per-click at about $10 to $40 a click, or more - or find some longtail keyword phrases that absolutely nobody is ranking for AND it gets traffic. When you're trying to rank organically like we are doing, it takes time. 30 days is just a jumping off point. Once 30 days has passed, I will add another 1,000 pages on your site every month and over time, depending on the competitiveness of your niche, we can begin to get some front page results. My guarantee is to keep working on your package until we get that traffic - and your package will update every month. You have my word on that. But if you're really unhappy after just 30 short days, I'll give you a refund. If you need/want immediate action/sales, that's where your day-to-day advertising comes into play, because getting you to rank organically is not always an immediate type of marketing strategy.